Paranormal 360 is dedicated to real ghost experiences. Fiction will not be accepted. We receive a large amount of submissions, badly written stories will be the first to be eliminated to make room for the others.

How to submit a ghost story:

To submit a ghost story for consideration of posting, simply send it to us in an email or within a word doc in an email attachment. If there is any photographic or video evidence to include with this submission, please attach them to the email

Please include include a title for your story, your full name, city/town and country. The email subject should be ‘Ghost Story Submission’

Email all submissions to:

By submitting your story and accompanying evidence, you agree to give Paranormal360 the right to use it in any of it’s publishing ventures. This means that your story photo, video clip or audio clip could eventually end up in a book, magazine or on more websites. You retain full copyright privileges and you are listed as the owner/submitter.

Submission Notes:

1. All stories submitted must be either copied into an email or within an Word doc attachment.

2. All photographs submitted must be in either .jpg, .gif or .bmp, but not zipped files or other extensions! They should also be sent as an email attachment to your email and not embedded within.

3. All audio and video clips submitted must be in either .wav, .mp3, .mpg, .mpeg, or .avi formats.

Please make sure your submission is in accordance with our submission guidelines before submitting.

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