Real Ghost Videos: Horrific Exorcism Footage – Church Confirms Authenticity

A Church has confirmed a video of a woman screaming and crying as a priest carries out an exorcism is genuine. Secretly-filmed through the keyhole of the door to the Roman Catholic church, the footage shows the woman surrounded by a group of people near to the altar. Amid the screams and cries of the woman, vulgar words shouted in Czech are heard echoing through the place of worship.

Daniel Trochta, 26, sneaked up to the front of the The Assumption of the Virgin Mary church – in the southern town of Vranov nad Dyji, Czech Republic – having heard the chilling shouts.

He originally posted the footage on YouTube in February, but only this week has the church confirmed it is genuine. The video is titled ‘Exorcism in Vranov nad Dyji’ with Mr Trochta warning viewers to “watch with headphones”.

The church’s priest Marek Dunda, who carries a mandate from his bishop to perform exorcisms, confirmed the footage is genuine but declined to comment further.

Source: Daily Express

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