Real Ghost Videos: Ghost Spirit Chases Family Dog Caught on Camera

Hello. My name is Cindy, and I have a video to share with you. I live in Dartmouth, NS, Canada.

I had been doing some ghost hunting lately. So I was checking out my home one night, after work, to see if there were any light anomalies. I wanted to see if I needed to sage the house again. Instead of orbs flying around, I caught a disembodied voice of a man saying,”faster”. About 30 seconds later, my dog is walking into the room when something invisible makes him go faster. He took off like his butt was slapped. I thought he had chased after my cat, until I reviewed the video.

His body language says it all. He was scared.

Hope you find it interesting. BTW, I did sage the house after I saw this one! It kind of peeved me off to see something picking on my dog.

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