Real Ghost Videos: Ghost Caught on Xbox Kinect Part 2

A short while ago Shaun shared his incredible paranormal footage of a ghost captured on his Xbox Kinect with us, well he’s back! This time with some even creepier footage. Here’s what he has to say about his latest video:

“I was sat watching tv with my mate and I went really cold like freezing, didn’t really think anything of it, bout half hour after I wanted to show him the infra red mode on my Xbox in the dark, and low and behold it’s picked up an entity again! The day after I got my friend Lee to come over and try again and got Lee to stand behind the corridor window to see if it would pick him up and it didn’t just to prove its not staged! Really cool how it’s happened again and now my brother in law is going to get me to see a psychic person! Looking forward to it actually! Here’s the video let me know what you guys think!”

Submitted by Shaun M. United Kingdom

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