Real Ghost Story: "Come With Me"

Real Ghost Story: “Come With Me”

By Verena W. Stuttgart, Germany. 

My Grandma always used to say “if there’s no proof that something exist, then it’s your imagination and you don’t have to worry about”. I still don’t believe in ghosts, but what happened to me when I was 4-5 years old makes me think about what my Grandma always said over and over again.

It began when I was 4 back in 2002. I still remember it as if it was yesterday. I always saw something on my closet, there is some space between my closet and the room ceiling, the thing looked like a huge light with the silhouette of a human. In the beginning I just looked at it sometimes but ignored it most of the time. After a few months I started to throw stuff on my closet to see if the light is moving or throws it back but nothing happened so I started to talk with it. It whispered and I never really could understand it.

After a week my mother started to ask me why I’m talking with the closet and I always said “I’m not talking with the closet. I talk with the Angel on it”. She never really paid more attention to it, I guess she figured it would be a imaginary friend.

It didn’t change anything until 1 year later, when I was 5, I came home from a friends house that lived like 8min away and ran upstairs to my room. I stopped at the door frame and just stared in my room. The thing wasn’t on my closet anymore, no it was in the middle of my room. And now it spoke clearly and loud to me. It said “Come with me. Come with me.” The angel repeated it all the time until it was right in front of my wide open window. Now it said “Nothing will happen to you. You will come back soon.” Now it was outside my house but still in front of the window. It said again “Come with me”. So I stood on the windowsill.. (I have to say at this point that if I would have jumped, I would be most likely dead, because right under my window is a stair out of stone that leads to the basement, I would have fell at least 6 meters down) .. and was ready to jump into the open arms of the angel, in this moment my mother pulled me away from the window into my room. She had tears in her eyes and pressed me against her.

I explained her what happened and she gave me a pillow and said “If you see it again or if it talks to you again then hug this pillow and close your eyes and wait until it’s gone.” I did what she said and after a few months it was gone. I have never seen it since then. And sometimes I even wish it would come back, just one more time. I really want to know if it would have took me with him or if it would just let me fall down. I want to know if it wanted me to die, if it made me think I’m save to lead me into my death. But one thing is for sure: I will never forget about this thing that I called “Angel”.


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  • Emory Lankford Griffis

    It was an angel; but a dark one more commonly referred to as a demon. Its entire purpose of being is to destroy the innocent and living by any means necessary for they represent that which their master in Hell despises the most. There are a number of stories on the internet in which other young children experienced a deceptive being that almost succeeded in luring them to their death. But think about what we read in the newspapers every day: children dying in strange accidents under strange circumstances. Could it be that some of these children trusted one of the deceivers minions and met an untimely death? I think your story answers that question.

  • zoe

    if it ever comes back and asks you DO NOT LISTEN it is a demon. but in an angel way they are beautiful but will pressure you into somthing dangerous and sinning and on this site there is one called 6 types of haunting it was a demon. it never walked the earth in a human form and it tried to kill you

  • http://paranormal360 chez

    It could have been the spirit of a child killer it may have been mortal once children are sup settable to even very week contact a adult would not even detect demons make more of a presence usually

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