Real Ghost Pictures: Who’s That Sitting There?

Hi, this photo has baffled me for over 10 years now and feel like it’s time I found out what a larger audience thought about it.

I was trying out a new camera which is why it’s such a random photo. The TV was on standby and was blank in other photos except this one. The most obvious anomaly is the blue/white thing in the TV which resembles the rear of a car. There is also a similar colour streak in the top left of the window. I was alone at the time so cannot account for the apparent seated figure reflected in the TV, it could have been a coat or something draped over the chair I just don’t remember it being so long ago (I have another photo of the screen I took not long after I noticed this photo which I’ve kept and neither the blue/white thing or the figure is in it)

This copy is saved exactly as it was taken.

The photo was taken in a converted barn in Somerset, England in 2005.

Submitted by David B. from Hereford, England

Real Ghost Pictures: Who's That Sitting There?
Original image as received.

Real Ghost Pictures: Who's That Sitting There?
Image enlarged and red circle added.

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