Real Ghost Pictures: The Grim Reaper

The Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team has explored some of the areas most haunted houses. However, during one of their most recent investigations something happened that left the team baffled. A family in north Springfield contacted the group because of some odd things that were happening. Robert McCall, a member of the OZMPI went to investigate.

“All the lights were shut off and the doors were locked,” says Robert. “I came around to lock up the front door and as soon as I turned the corner I heard a growling disturbance on my EVP and seen something darker then dark move around in the hallway so I just started taking pictures of a completely dark hallway with nobody there.”

There was no one in the hallway but something else showed up on camera.

“When I first seen the picture, I saw a reaper,” says McCall. “Typical of what you would think. Now it almost looks like a mother and child.”

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Real Ghost Pictures: The Grim Reaper

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