Real Ghost Pictures: Robed Figure In The Forest

Witness Description: Check out these two photos that an acquaintance of mine just sent to me. These came off of a trail cam that he has hanging in his timber. These trail cams are very popular with deer hunters.

These pictures were taken way out in the country, not within 10 miles of the closest town. The closest house is about 5 miles away. Anyone want to offer up an idea of what is going on here, because I’m dumbfounded.

Ghost in the woods
Full picture as received. Resized and circle added

Ghost in the woods
Close-up of kneeling figure

Ghost in the woods
Full picture as received. Resized and circle added

Ghost in the woods
Close-up of figure


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  • http://paranormal360 Laurie Williams

    The first one almost looks like we’re looking at the top of some ones head as they’re squatted down maybe going potty. The second one blows me out of the water! Creepy as hell and unexplainable. Makes me think the first one is paranormal too since the clothes seems to be very dated.

    • http://STEAM DAVID


  • http://paranormal360 Fiona

    Show us then !

  • shelley stevenson

    I’d love to know what happened in between these photos.. The time stamps show a good few minutes pass.. Did this ‘ghost just stand there? Or walk around at all..still shots of the time in between would be interesting

  • Deby

    I don’t know , kinda looks like a dog in a raincoat with hood……..just sayin’ …..

  • http://paranormal360 chez

    It is someone squatting down showing the top of their head then they stand up i guess the only strange part is you say no one would be anywhere near this area and in a long gown adds to the mystery

  • Humboldt Skwidd

    More fakery i wonder what the real thing will look like when it happens ?

  • Chris

    Uh, yea it’s a dog, the right side of the face being exposed with the muzzle and nose on the lower right. I am a believer that the unviserse has probability in its favor that life exists elsewhere. Please do A little more research before putting stuff like this up bc it makes anything legitimate out there easily cast doubters, or worse have insults to the regards of certain individuals intelligence level. Just saying….

  • CosmicChaosZ

    Did an African-American woman get hung around the area?

  • anonymous

    it can be real of fake but it isn’t a ghost,

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