Real Ghost EVP: The Most Terrifying EVP Ever Recorded

IN JANUARY, 2007, the Central New York Ghost Hunters (CNYGH), based in Syracuse, New York, were invited to investigate an old hotel in upstate New York. (The owners of the hotel have asked to keep its location confidential.) The investigation proved to be one of the most intensely active the group has ever encountered, and produced an EVP – an electronic voice phenomena recording – that is remarkable not only for its length, but also for its terrifying content.

Caution: the recording is violent and may be too intense for some listeners.

The Investigation:

On that weekend in January, CNYGH founder Stacey Jones and several members of the group went to the hotel on an overnight stay for what they thought would be a routine investigation. They had no idea what they were in for.

Originally built in the late 1800s, the building was in its colorful history the site of some nefarious activity, a fact that might be key to what is heard in the EVP.

On Friday night, Stacey and her group set up their equipment – audio recorders, video recorders and other electronics – and settled in, hoping to document some evidence for the haunting the owners had claimed. Most investigations are relatively quiet, but this night was filled with paranormal activity, including muffled voices of unknown origin, footsteps from unseen bodies and more. Members of the group I spoke with confirmed that it was the most active haunting they had personally experienced.

The real shocker came the next day. On Saturday afternoon at about 3 pm, two female CNYGH investigators and a member of the owner’s family (also a female) sat on the staircase of the hotel with a digital voice recorder, intending to capture some EVP. They chose the stairway because they had heard soft conversations and footsteps on the floor above, although no one was up there.

When they later played the recording back, however, what they heard were not soft voices and footsteps, but something totally unexpected and completely terrifying.

The EVP:

Stacey Jones describes what you’ll hear on the recording:

“You can [faintly] hear the three females talking throughout the recording. You will hear a female – the family member – say, ‘Hello, baby,’ and another long conversation. Those are all human voices. But what sounds like a struggle or attack is going on as well.

“The male [voice] you hear was not present at the hotel. You will hear a cuckoo clock (which was not present) a ticking of a hall clock (which was there); you will hear what sounds like the microphone being moved (which was not touched) and then the sound becomes clearer.

“You will hear a creaking door and slamming of the door, which is real. Then you will hear a [unknown] woman say, ‘Get off me,’ and what sounds like the woman being attacked. The struggle continues for awhile, and during the EVP you can hear some of my investigators’ conversations. After interviewing my investigators, they said they went and sat on the stairs of this hotel, because they heard from an above floor, what sounded like footsteps and conversations, not what you hear on this recording. When the noises stop, you hear the investigators participate in a lulled conversation. They stated that they started to talk when the noises stopped. In their conversation, you will hear a male voice say, ‘Help me’ several times.”

“The EVP has not been altered in any way, except it was edited for time,” Stacey says. “CNY Ghost Hunters have tried to reduce the noise, amplify and ‘clean’ it up, but found it difficult to make out exactly what was being said. We invite you to download this EVP to see what you can make of it.



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  • Spirit Girl

    Wow, something very bad happened here and I believe it has opened the door to the demonic and should be treated as such. You cannot make out what they are saying because they are not human. If you want to do right by these people you will get a demonologist in there ASAP. If you do not know of any then please feel free to get back to me, I happen to know a couple on the east coast who are legit. Good luck and be safe, these are pretty nasty and would love to attach themselves to you and now that they know you can hear them they know who you are. Great catch guys….

  • Charles Robertson

    To be honest, I am pretty sceptical about this. It sounds like the EVP recorder has picked up activity coming from a mobile phone, that has unwittingly been dialled and left on. I sometimes get voicemail from a person, who has phoned me by mistake. The voicemail picks up the muted conversation. This EVP sounds very similar. However, if this is real, it is truly terrifying…

    • Michelle

      Hi Charles, I think it is real. But, I’ve gotten them voicemails which sound a little like this. My problem is the ringer wasn’t off and I had no received calls. It makes me wonder.

  • Alex

    this sounds interesting i would like to study it more. i’m a paranormal investigator and will tell if i find anything worth notice

  • Alex

    i think its a level 3 entity

  • Alex

    i think its a level 3 entity

  • Alex

    did not mean to send the same thing twice

  • zoe

    im 13 years old and i love this kind of things and i think that this is real i think that some of the voices are demonic and need to be taken care of like someone said, ghosts are very tricky and if it where a voicemail i would report it because well it sounds like someones hurt!!!and i know its not but i love it!!

  • Steve

    My wife and I worked with a haunting investigation group. We had a person on the team who would regularly fake EVP phenomenon. Everyone in the group knew it. The leader of the group however was so anxious to make a name for himself that even things that had logical explanations were reported as “real” EVP activity. Occam’s Razor folks. Don’t be misled by nonsense. Sometimes all you are hearing is the over-blown ego of a trickster.

    • kaleb

      ive had an experiance like that too sorry for the spelling errors but my house was “haunted” not saying i dont beleive in ghosts but some “specialists” facked practically every thing they saw

  • Alex

    kaleb are you just trying to be a part of the comments or are you being serious

  • the white prince

    First of all Sorry for my simple english, i prefer to use more older language,but since our modern humans dont understand it i will try to use my simple and bad english and i hope you will understand me, ok,,,let say im expert in the paranormal field and i like to help you all ,specially the ones who suffers or face paranormal or supernatural situations and cant explaine it ,or who think it could cause him harm ,humans still commetting the same deadly mistake by trying to understand or deal with some thing they well never defeat or understand with thier logic ,i still see many books and theories or personal views about this thema,but still humanbeings is fare a way from the reality of the unseens world, i know it is hard to describe what you cant see,how you can trust your feelings if your feelings are already under the manupolation of the unseen spirits, the spirits have energy and it can influence your whole life in dramatic ways,i would like to offer my he!
    lp and explination about what humans dont see but feel and how to fight it and how to defeat it and how to protect your self, and to explaine the weak points and how to avoid such critical situation or influences,what i want to say that evry thing in the humans life have reason or roots or motivation, must always look for it within you first,most humans sufferning caused by paranormal reasons,in other words most of humans sicknes or illneses or sadness caused by nigative or evil entities,even your stress and fear or nightmares have paranormal reasons some times even if the sience can explaine it still they cant know the roots (not the cause), nightmares,shadows ,depresion,nigative emotions,sicknes,evil idiologies,druggs ,demonic possesion,obssesion,hauntings,psycho problems ,,,and so on ,any way for any further info im here to help and to offer my knowledge to whom ever need it,i helped many many pepole since i votted my self to this noble cause (case), im not looking for n!
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    if you find your self seriouse but loosing hope and alone or depressed or suffering from nigative energy or confronting real evil thing ,or suffering from any sicknes or illnes,just ask me ,dont run to rong way dont go to black magic dont use ouija boards or call ghost hunters or psychic or mediums, just ask me first

    I want you all always to remember this name and any other similar name(zozo),in general any name have the letters Z,L,B orTH, is satanic names, ZOZO is an evil spirit or call it demonic entity, that has been linked to murders , suicides , illnes,sextual depresion throughout the world. He uses different names some times real names of pepole you knew befor,He comes usually through Ouija sessions and begins working on the mental stability of its users searching I bilieve for vulnerable victims.most likely females under 30

    The best thing is never play such games,my target is to creat awarness among humans and to help or heal his or other demonic victims and the best thing is to avoid this evil entities by all means,the childrens of satans are real and some living among you humans under different identities,they are decievers.he is made of unseen electromignatic waves,or radiation,he can effect nigativly your body sells and cause seriouse sicknes or he can cause body disfunction

    May God bless you all

    the white prince

    • zach

      hey dont worry about your english its pretty understandable and thanks for trying to help people out i do the same thing but im still new at it

  • Spirit.Seeker

    I’ve been in this field for 39 years. There is no such thing as an “expert” in this field. Just saying

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