Real Ghost EVP: Haunting of The College Proffesor

In December 2014 our paranormal group Sacramento Paranormal Investigation and Research Team got a call to investigate the home of an old college professor of mine.

During the interview we learned that his home was at the back side of an old graveyard and he believed his home to be haunted for quite some time. We captured some amazing EVP’s and some amazing photographs that we would like to share with you. The end result is that we do believe his house to be haunted but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Here are three of ten EVP’s that we captured that night. I chose these because they were the clearest ones.

All three EVP’s show us proof that this was an intelligent haunt and not a residual one because the spirits are responding to our questions and comments. This also shows proof that there are at least three different spirits because these are three different voices.

The EVP that says ” What’s your name?” Was talking to me while I was sitting alone in a room that has had the most paranormal experiences according to the client.

The EVP that says “Im Patric,” was captured in his nieces bedroom.

The last EVP is a comment that was made by a spirit who replied “how” after the client was telling us that a psychic friend of his was able to see a ghost while visiting one night.

This black shadow was seen moving through the house by the client. At that very moment I took this picture and captured this.

Real Ghost EVP: The Haunting of The College Proffesor

This was an amazing investigation and we have learned so much as we do during all of our investigations which puts us one step closer to finding the answers we so desperately seek. If you would like to know more about this investigation or our group please check out our Facebook Page.


Do you have a EVP you want to share? Click here to submit your paranormal EVP’s! They will be given every consideration for our real ghost EVP gallery.

Note: Because of the large amount of attachments received, we no longer able to offer personal audio analysis.

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Spirit Girl or "Holly" to her friends, is the founder of Sacramento Paranormal Investigation and Research Team (SPIRiT)

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