All Dogs Go to Heaven: Do Animals Have souls?

All Dogs Go to Heaven: Do Animals Have souls?

In the paranormal world most believe that ghosts or spirits are the souls of people who have already passed on. The soul is the keeper of our individualism and what makes us human so when our soul passes into the next realm so does our love for those we leave behind. This also means all of the other emotions are still connected to our souls as well like fear and anger.

My paranormal group has experienced a whole range of emotions while investigating the paranormal. We experienced a child who was sad and desperate to communicate with his mother and a father in search of his family at the Mare Island Cemetery. We have even experienced spirits who were flirtatious at more then one location.

The soul is the core of our being, without it we may not exist after death. Another one of life’s biggest questions is, do animals have souls? If they do are they walking among the spirits when they pass on? If not, does that mean they no longer exist when they pass on?

Personally I have no doubt that animals have a soul and I am not alone. One of our members Stacy Farrell is an amazing empath who has a special connection with animals who also believes that animals have a soul. Stacy’s abilities started as a young child but the fear of the unknown caused her to block her abilities. Later on in life she had an experience that brought those abilities back to the surface. This is her incredible story.

Stacy and her family had adopted a beautiful black mustang. Fearing her horse would revert back to her wild nature they found another horse to place in the same pin. One day while at work Stacy heard a voice she had never experienced before. The voice was saying “I’m hungry.” At first she thought she was going crazy but once she opened herself up she realized it was coming from the horse who was sharing her mustangs pin. Stacy raced to the horse stables where she learned that her mustang was not allowing the other horse to eat. This time Stacy decided to embrace her abilities instead of blocking them. After taking some classes on how to properly use her abilities Stacy learned that her abilities were not limited. After ten years of experience Stacy has an incredible connection to the spirit world and she also has the ability to heal animals with just a touch.

Three years ago I lost my black Labrador Retriever Mitzi. She was my whole life for 12 years so losing her was devastating. 6 months before her death she was diagnosed with diabetes and soon after lost her eyesight. I brought another dog into our lives in hopes of helping Mitzi to get around. His name is Bode and it worked better then I had ever imagined. Bo and Mitzi were fast friends even though Bo was a little guy with a lot of energy. Wanting to experience Stacy’s ability to reach an animal after it had passed on and the desire to know if Mitzi was still around I had her do a reading for me. This is when I learned how truly powerful her ability is.

The first thing Stacy picked up on was Mitzi’s gentle soul. Mitzi loved everyone and did not have a mean bone in her body. Then Stacy picked up on her relationship with Bo and how they had an instant bond. Bo was full of energy so he would constantly climb all over Mitzi but Mitzi was always very receptive. The hardest part was Mitzi’s death which Stacy was right on track with how she died and what she was feeling when she passed. As hard as it was to hear I was thankful to find out that she did not suffer at any point of her disease. Since her death I have had several experiences in the middle of the night feeling as though she had climbed onto the bed and laid down next to me like she use to.

The first time I experienced this I assumed it was my other dogs but when I realized they were sound asleep. Stacy confirmed this when she told me that Mitzi is still around and that she does lie down next to me like she use to. The only difference is that although Mitzi loved me she was also coming back to keep an eye on Bo. The funny part is that she referred to Bo as a brat and that she was there to put him on the straight and narrow. I have been grieving over the loss of my girl for a long time because of the simple fact of not knowing certain facts of her death.

Now that I know the truth I finally have some closure. I will never stop missing her but the simple knowledge that she is here makes me feel that she is no longer suffering or blind. Stacy has given me an amazing gift, not just about Mitzi but also she has confirmed the fact that animals do have a soul and when it is my time to cross over she will be there waiting for me.

Stacy’s reading also confirmed an incredible photograph I captured a year and a half ago. When I brought home my other dog Petee Mitzi had been gone a year and a half. During Petee’s first night with us he was in my room lying in a little dog bed I had bought for him. While photographing Petee I realized I had captured a black shadow in the left corner of the picture. This is the photograph I captured. Now keep in mind that I had no black dogs in my home at this time.


All Dogs Go to Heaven: Do Animals Have souls?


Having this photograph has always confirmed Mitzi’s spirit but Stacy was able to answer questions that had been haunting me for over 3 years. My hope is that this article will open you up to possibilities beyond this world for us and the beautiful majestic animals that have roamed this planet before humans and will continue to do so long after.

I want to share another experience I had that was also captured in a photograph. This photograph was taken during our first investigation. Renee Daw who is the cofounder of the group had a friend who had been experiencing unexplainable events for a long time. While outside we decided to photograph her home from a field next to the house we were investigating. The field was lit up so we could plainly see everything in front of us. When I was going through the photographs I found this picture. In my opinion this is clearly a golden retriever running through the field, except that we did not experience anything close to this. After attempting to debunk the picture we had declared this to be that of a ghost dog.


All Dogs Go to Heaven: Do Animals Have souls?


During my research I came across two videos that have captured spirits that could very well be animals who have passed on.


Video title: “Ghost Dog Caught on Night Vision Cam”


Video title: PROOF That Dog’s Really Do “Go To Heaven”?


Animals are amazing creatures and each species has evolved to fit their environment. In certain cultures animals have been worshipped as spiritual guides thought to have special powers that reach beyond our dimension since the beginning of time. This belief is known as Animism 1. The attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena 2. The belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.

Most cultures like the Egyptians and Aztecs held certain animals, especially snakes and birds up to a higher power which is why they worshipped them even building Temples and Statues in their likeness.

The Native Americans also believe that animals have a higher spiritual awareness. But they did not worship animals or build temples in their honor instead they built totems. Totems are said to be spiritual beings or a sacred object as a symbol of a clan or tribe. Some Native Americans believe that each totem has nine animal spirit guides attached to it. Each spirit guide comes in and out of their lives at different times. Although the nine guides are told to come and go there is one animal that is there constant. The animal that is constant is believed to be the guardian over the tribe belonging to the totem. While other natives believe that your animal spirit is with you from birth. Although worshipping animals has gone away since the time of Christianity Native Americans have held onto their beliefs. I imagine they always will.

I was once asked “ if all animals become spirits when they die then why don’t we experience the ghost of wild animals like we do our pets?” My personal belief is that our pets have emotional connections to us where as wild animals do not so their soul has no ties to keep them here. It truly is the ties that bind us because with our pets it is an unbreakable bond that is there from the moment we meet them. This kind of unconditional love does not end when we die because it is our soul that sustains us for eternity so take good care of it, after all it is the only thing we take with us into the afterlife and it is all we will ever need.

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